Rattlesnake Point (August 14)

Orange sun blazing through tree limbs: leaves shimmering in the evening light. A perfect family approaching- Mother pushes one stroller housing a small girl with pale curls; Father pushes another stroller with twin boys. The sun keeps blazing. The perfect family is headed through Death Valley to Rattlesnake Point. The after-dinner family stroll is just another name for this journey, though they don’t know it yet.

Further on, a crippled butterfly struggles to flutter off the sidewalk: her left wing is broken. It has a piece completely missing: imagine a part of you that is that is completely missing. Absent. Could you survive? One wing, pale yellow with black spots, is perfect; but that wing in its entirety can’t perform the magic trick needed to allow the butterfly to fly again. I guess she’ll die tonight.

Houdini never appears.

Houdini as God.

Imagine this: his greatest trick.


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